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There is no better investment than investing in yourself!

Course Curriculum
Ombre , Nano hairstrokes & Nano-shading Beginners 3 day training $3220 (prior experience not required)


You will receive a fully loaded kit which includes:  Mast Tour Pro Wireless machine, Mast Airbot battery, Universal cartridge needles (20), numbing cream, secondary numbing, 5 Li aqua pigments, brow mapping kit and more.  You will also receive a Beccs Brows Ombre, Nano hairstrokes & nanoshading workbook and a certificate of completion after completing this course.


In this intimate class you will learn Ombre, nano hairstrokes and combination brows, also known as Nano-shading or combo brows.  This course option will teach you the ombre technique and how to combine hair strokes with a machine seamlessly.  At the end of this course, you will be able to service soft/natural to medium bold styles depending on skin type and client preference.



This fundamental training consists of a live shadowing model (watch me in action) and a hands on model.  For hands on, students will practice on skin pads, then work on a live model with my guidance. One week prior to the start of the course, practice worksheets and videos will be provided via email to prepare for the 3 day intensive training. This course will cover the following and will not be limited to:


  • Skin Anatomy for cosmetic tattoo purposes


  • Fitzpatrick scale & the skin


  • Introduction to Color Theory, in depth color correction to work on old pmu and understanding different types of tattoo pigments


  • Brow Mapping & shaping with String method


  • Sanitation and safety regulations to maintain a sterilized workstation


  • Overview of the wireless machine and the different needle types


  • Instagram marketing and use of digital consent forms to save paper and time


  • Photography and lighting for great pictures


  • One shadow day to use within 6 mos (come watch Beccs work on client)


Lifetime Support

  • Provided after class via facebook group : "beccs brows academy",  you will also be invited to exclusive events and our yearly refresher as a student.



Payment and policy
  • A non-refundable booking deposit of $500 is required to reserve a class. Invoice for remaining balance will be emailed and due one week before class start date.  We accept zelle, venmo, and 3% fee for card payments.  Payment plans are also available, payment must be completed before practice sheets and online material will be sent out.  Please be sure to read our chargeback policy and cancelation policies as there are no refunds. 
  • In order to be cleared to work on  a model, an email will be sent with instructions on how to get BBP certified after the deposit is secured.
  • Students will be responsible for scheduling a shadow date within 6 months of the class date or up to 1 year if student is out of state.  A shadow day indicates that the student will be shadowing the instructor and not working on a model/client.
  • Students are allowed a one time transfer made within 45 days prior to the initial class date.  Please keep in mind that deposits and any payments made towards the course is non-refundable. Last minute cancelations and no-shows will result in a lost of the deposit and any payments made.
  • Chargebacks will not be honored under the following circumstances:

    • Dissatisfaction with the training program after substantial completion (defined as attending more than 50% of the training sessions or accessing more than 50% of the online materials).

    • Misunderstanding or lack of knowledge about the course content or structure when information was clearly provided beforehand.

    • Failure to cancel enrollment within the specified refund period.

    • Claims related to network, software, or hardware issues on the user's end that prevent access to online training materials.

    • Any other reasons that fall outside the scope of fraudulent or unauthorized transactions

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Learn a high income skill by helping others feel confident and wake up with beautfiul, effortless brows!

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